Deep Sea Offshore Fishing Cape Canaveral


“Before I tell you about my Deep Sea Offshore Fishing Trips out of Cape Canaveral I want to Thank You for visiting my site.  All of my contact information can be found on the green tab on your computer screen or smart phone to ask questions and book a charter.”

My name is Captain Dan Prochak of Cutlass Crew Fishing and the winter months around Cape Canaveral produce some world class fishing opportunities for the new and experienced angler.  Every year about Mid-October a weather front comes through like the wind we experienced over the last few and changes the conditions in our offshore waters and produces deep sea fishing adventures that make memories for a lifetime.

I  operate a Blazer Bay 2400 as my vessel that is equipped with places to store your small bag of stuff you want to bring and houses plenty of bait to bring back full coolers of fish!  I am 100% Family friendly (Mom there is “Shade” for the kids), your charter is exclusive to whatever family or friends you want to fish with and with a private charter I will go farther and faster to put you on fish.

Featured above is a Red Snapper. They are abundant in our offshore fishing waters and are an excellent fighting fish on a medium tackle setup.  The enjoy a variety of baits, can be found up and down the coast and are a fairly sought after species.  Below are some other photos of Cobia and Mahi.  This past summer with several charters we had Mahi swim up to the boat giving our clients the rare opportunity to try to land a Mahi Mahi on a Fly Rod.

An offshore trip typically leaves out of Cape Canaveral or Sebastian inlet depending upon what type of fish you are looking to target on your private fishing charter with Cutlass Crew Fishing.  We will meet at about 6:30-8:30am depending upon the time of year and daily weather patterns and head offshore.  Trips last 5-7 hours, you can bring any drinks or food you want within reason and I will absolutely recommend a hat and sunglasses for the day on the water.

Call us at 1-407-234-4830 or email us here.


Nice Cobia on a beautiful glassy water day!


Another Big Snapper!


Monster Mahi Mahi!

Call us at 1-407-234-4830 or email us here.