Monthly Archives: November 2014

November 25, 2014

This time of year is typically when we bring the largest tripletail on average to the boat. This November has been no exception boating at least 10 tripletail over 20 lbs. In between the fronts which typically bring strong winds from the northeast we will continue to head outside Port Canaveral to target these giant fish. Flounder have been making a decent showing the past few weeks near the jetty’s and near shore wrecks. Large bull redfish have been another common target species in the Canaveral bight, they should remain around a few more weeks depending on the weather and bait.

Bluefish, jacks and Spanish mackerel have been extremely plentiful. I have started to see black drum around mangrove shorelines and bridges in the banana river. As the weather continues to cool down sheepshead will become a more common target species in the river.