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October 4, 2013

Fall mullet run!

As October begins the fall mullet run is now in full swing. Massive schools of mullet are moving south in the banana river with all sorts of predator fish following them. Schools of redfish and decent number of snook will be patrolling shallow grass flats and mangrove shorelines looking for an easy meal. The water should start to clean up this month allowing for a lot more sight fishing. This is also the time of year to start focusing on trout fishing in the banana river with the bigger fish becoming more active. Top water baits are the call during the mullet run, providing great success and excitement during the lower light hours of the day.

Now is also the time of year the big schools of bluefish, jacks and ladyfish start to show up to gorge themselves on these schools of mullet. Mullet schools can also be found migrating south on the beaches. Tarpon, Snook, sharks and a few kingfish can still be caught off the beaches. Tightly packed bait pods will be the key to finding the fish in October. Snook fishing is in full swing this time of year in the port. Most snook are being caught holding structure with some water movement. Flounder are also starting to follow the mullet into the port.

Fishing Sebastian inlet this time of year is another favorite of mine.  Virtually any saltwater inshore game fish can be caught drifting the inlet, snook being the most saught after. I have caught a tarpon, snook and redfish on three consecutive casts there in October in the past.  Most fish in the inlet are also big, with the snook consistently over the 32” slot limit, although slot fish are relatively easy to come by.

Mild weather mixed with a bait migration makes October a great month to get out and catch some fish. Call today to book your charter!