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August 30, 2013

September 1st marks the start of snook season here on the central Atlantic coast. The snook fishing has been exceptionally good especially at night where 20 fish evenings are not uncommon. Tarpon, sharks, and kingfish can still be found corralling tightly packed pods of pogies along the beaches between Sebastian inlet and Port Canaveral. Schools of redfish with a few mixed in snook and trout have been found cruising grass flats early in the day and late in the evening in the banana river. Jacks, ladyfish, bluefish, flounder and mangrove snapper have all been common catches in the banana river.

The middle two weeks in August were as good as it gets tarpon fishing. One day we jumped at least 10 fish over 100 pounds with at least two of those fish pushing into the 200 pound class. One of the most exciting fishing experiences is watching a 150 pound tarpon hit a bait so hard its entire body clears the water, not knowing it if gulped the bait on the end of your line and you will soon be in battle with the silver king. Presentation was crucial as the bait was so thick, just getting a bait to the fish could present a challenge.

The real treat of august was the Atlantic red snapper sport season which ran a three day weekend. Bottom fishing out of a bay boat can be a bit tricky out of Port Canaveral but we lucked into a beautiful day and took full advantage. We reached our limit of one fish per person by 10:30 AM with the largest weighting 18 lbs even losing a few possibly larger fish. Hopefully this is a good sign the continued effort to restore the population to a harvestable level is well along its way.

September is a great time to fish the East Central area of Florida as the weather is nice and fishing is hot. Call now to book a charter!

Tarpon Pic