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July 26, 2017

Florida Summertime Fishing

Summer is in full swing here on the space coast. Slick days, thunderstorms and hot fishing are the norm.

The kingfish bite has been very consistent. Most fish are in the 5-15 lb range but plenty 30+lb fish are coming in the boat. Along with the plentiful kingfish, slow trolling live bait has brought cobia, dolphin, barracuda, and a rare blackfin tuna or sailfish boatside.

Snapper fishing has also been on fire as of late. The big mangroves have been easily chummed up to the boat for an exciting sight fishing experience.

Favorable weather and fishing conditions should stay around for at least the next few months. Call, text or email to book your fishing adventure today.





April 12, 2017

As April rapidly blows by we are nearing the end of one of the best snook seasons I can remember in past years. A combination of windy conditions keeping us inshore, warm temperatures and a surplus of bait have often sent us snook fishing in Sebastian Inlet when we might otherwise target other species. Bull Redfish, giant bluefish, jacks, and sharks have been keeping us busy when the snook are taking a break from feeding. Snook season closes May 1st so nows the time to get one before its too late.

As summer approaches we will spend more and more time offshore. The Mahi-Mahi migration has started to trickle north and should build in intensity the remainder of the month and into May. Kingfish, cobia, tripletail have been consistent offshore.

Call or email to book your trip today!

June 6, 2016

The transition from spring fishing to summer fishing is always an exciting time of year for us here on the Space Coast. Pogies have started their annual north migration, and as always the tarpon are right behind them. Large snook, redfish, jacks and kingfish are also prowling the waters just off the beach to fatten up by feeding on the oil rich and plentiful pogies.


The bottom bite has been very hot the last few weeks. Snapper, grouper, cobia and flounder are common sights while bottom fishing offshore Port Canaveral. We often pick up a few fish on the flat lines toward the surface that get a bit too curious for their own good. We had a spring Mahi run for the books, it has slowed the past few weeks but there are still plenty of fish to be caught.

I always look forward to the calm mornings and flat seas summer sends our way. Call to book your trip Today!


April 8, 2016

The fishing has been productive the last few weeks even with all the wind keeping us close to shore. We have primarily been fishing inshore and nearshore due to rough seas. A couple cobia have been caught on the rare day the wind lets us cover some water looking for rays or turtles. A few tripletail have been wrestled off the marker bouys and other areas within Port Canaveral.


Flounder have been the real treat recently with us catching a few keepers almost every trip. Most fish are 1-3 lbs but we have brought a few doormats up with a few pushing 9 lbs. We have been getting into a few snook during the right tides also. Port trips have had plenty of other species to keep the rods bent including sheepshead, bluefish, jack crevalle to name few.

I am really looking forward to a little more cooperation from mother nature allowing us to spend a lot more time offshore. Summer is soon to bring us favorable winds and calm waters for easy runs offshore. Cobia, tripletail, snapper, grouper and mahi will be common targets when the water warms up and the wind lays down.



February 16, 2016

Florida Wintertime fishing!

The nearshore and inshore fishing around Port Canaveral has been exceptional the last few weeks. It has not been uncommon to catch upwards of 50 fish in a half day trip. Just outside Port Canaveral has been very productive for sheepshead, flounder, pompano and redfish.

Offshore the bottom fishing has been consistent with good numbers of lane, mangrove and mutton snapper. Cobia have been found on turtles and rays along with a few that get a bit curious and come to check out the boat. We have also been catching good numbers of kingfish slow trolling with live bait offshore.




Family Fishing Adventure – Orlando

Its July and the weather is fantastic here in sunny Central Florida.  My name is Captain Dan Prochak and I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your family to join me on an epic fishing adventure.

Located roughly 35 minutes from Disney and Orlando near Cape Canaveral allows for a day fishing trip your kids and you will remember for years to come.  Fishing in the rivers and intercostal waterways can be very exciting.  Redfish, Drum, Sea Trout and plenty of other varieties of fish can be caught year round on flat calm waters.

We also offer nearshore trips in the Ocean where Tripletail, Redfish and even large sharks can be found.  The look on your kids face when the line goes tight and they yell “I Got One!!” is priceless.  We have seen many kids and parents find a new hobby that they love after just a few hours on the water.  Give me a call to discuss fishing the calm waters of the intercostal near Cape Canaveral!

Look At That Smile!

Look At That Smile!


Tarpon Fishing Cape Canaveral

Captain Dan provides Tarpon Fishing Charters In Cape Canaveral.  Call us at 1-407-234-4830 or email us here.

Nearshore of Cape Canaveral boasts some of best Tarpon fishing that Florida has to offer.  Within miles of the beach Tarpon can be found in their natural habitat looking for a fresh bait.  Approaching these fish while sight fishing can be very exciting and rewarding if done right.

Equipped with today’s technology Captain Dan can find and locate fish that fight hard.  Pogies and other live bait are excellent ways to entice a monster Tarpon onto your line.  Captain Dan can teach you when to get ready, when to get your bait in front of that Tarpon and how to effectively land that fish once hooked.  Tarpon are reserved as one of the toughest most acrobatic fish in all the sea.  Come and put your skills to the test.

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing



Night Time Snook Fishing Charters – Orlando Snook Fishing

The eastern Central Florida coastline including Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet are prime real estate for trophy night time snook fishing.  The water at night seems to cool off by a few degrees resulting in both live bait and artificial bait hookups.  Fishing between 10-40lbs are commonly found in 10ft water making them ideal to get to both from shore and by skiff.

I have been snook fishing at night for 20 years and this 2015 season is prime for trophy snook in Central Florida in and around Sebastian Inlet.  Pictured below is a Snook that was caught at 10pm on a beautiful Friday night the last weekend in May.  This was one of many snook caught above the slot limit that put on a good fight and once again show that Florida is the Snook fishing capital of the world.

Visit the Rates and Photos on our site to learn more about Cutlass Crew Fishing Charters and Fishing on the water both night and day.  Call 407-234-4830 to discuss your adventure.

Cocoa Beach Night Time Snook Charters

Cocoa Beach Night Time Snook Charters

March 28, 2015

March was the best month of tripletail fishing out of Port Canaveral I have seen in a long time. We managed at least one Tripletail each trip they were targeted, with  fish over 20 lbs caught each week. We will continue to target tripletail into the early summer. I will also begin to target snook heavily the next few weeks in the Banana River and Port Canaveral. Redfish and trout have been caught along mangrove shorelines and grass flats throughout the Banana River.


Cobia fishing along Cocoa Beach has been a bit challenging with not too many fish being caught off migrating rays. Water temperature and wind have been favorable and we will continue to look for these fish into the first few weeks of April. Large snook, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish and many sharks have been following bait pods up the beaches feeding as they travel north for the summer.


February 18, 2015

Cold temperatures and windy conditions have made fishing a bit challenging the last few weeks. Big trout, black drum and sheepshead have been the usual targets. The warmest days of the week have allowed us to catch a few snook in Port Canaveral. Bluefish, jack crevalle and Spanish mackerel have been plentiful in schools in and around Port Canaveral. A few redfish have been caught on shallow flats during the warmer times of the day.