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November 25, 2014

This time of year is typically when we bring the largest tripletail on average to the boat. This November has been no exception boating at least 10 tripletail over 20 lbs. In between the fronts which typically bring strong winds from the northeast we will continue to head outside Port Canaveral to target these giant fish. Flounder have been making a decent showing the past few weeks near the jetty’s and near shore wrecks. Large bull redfish have been another common target species in the Canaveral bight, they should remain around a few more weeks depending on the weather and bait.

Bluefish, jacks and Spanish mackerel have been extremely plentiful. I have started to see black drum around mangrove shorelines and bridges in the banana river. As the weather continues to cool down sheepshead will become a more common target species in the river.


October 16, 2014

With the mullet run in full swing the fishing this October has been exceptional out of Port
Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. Abundant bait has really helped to indicate where the feeding fish have been holding. Tarpon, bull redfish and big snook are still around the mouth of Port Canaveral. Seemingly unlimited jacks, bluefish, ladyfish and spanish mackeral have kept the rods bent between our battles with the targeted species. Large tripletail have also been fairly thick around and outside Port Canaveral. As the weather cools flounder and black drum will also get thrown into the mix. Fishing in October is as good as it gets on the East Central coast of Florida.



July 14, 2014

The fishing this summer has been as hot as the weather. Last weekend was the open of the Atlantic Red Snapper season and full advantage was taken. Atlantic Red Snapper season runs 5 more days the two following weekends in July. Fish up to 25 lbs are expected to be caught every day. Weather is a large factor in targeting these fish out of a bay boat, but early mornings should be adequate to get out far enough for a few hours to pull a few big red snapper off the bottom.


The snook fishing has been as good as I have seen it in years. I have been catching snook as far north as Ponce Inlet, although Sebastian inlet at night has been the most reliable. Fishing low light conditions in the banana river has produced quality snook, redfish and trout most days of the week with all three commonly caught on one trip. Tarpon have been scattered along Cocoa Beach. Most fish are caught feeding on bait pods, although a few pods of tarpon have been found a bit farther off the beach. Atlantic Bonito have been showing up all around the beaches. These fish provide a exciting hit and tough fight all the way to the boat!

June 3, 2014

The hot weather has brought summer fishing into full swing. Tripletail fishing has been reliable with most of the fish being caught on floating debris and weed lines outside of Port Canaveral and Sebastian inlet. Redfish have been a good target species from Ponce Inlet to Sebastian on any outgoing tide. These fish are eating pinfish, small crabs, shrimp and a number of artificial baits.

The snook fishing has been very reliable on the right tides, especially at night. The season for harvesting snook has closed as of June 1, but there are many other tasty fish around. I have seen scattered schools of tarpon along the beaches already this year following bait pods. Summertime is definitely my favorite time to fish.

April 4, 2014

Spring fishing has arrived!

The tripletail bite out of Port Canaveral has been hot the last two weeks, and should continue to get better as the water warms. These fish are holding on all sorts of structure just outside of the port. I have also been catching a few free swimming fish on the surface running the beaches looking for cobia. The cobia migration is in full swing with plenty of fish being caught south of cocoa beach in 20 to 40 feet of water. Almost all the cobia I catch are spotted swimming with rays or turtles migrating northward. A properly presented bait is hardly refused by these hard fighting and tasty fish.

Large schools of  spotted sea trout, bluefish, jack crevalle and ladyfish have been patrolling the shorelines and grass flats of the banana river. Spring is a great time to target spotted sea trout with topwater baits as these fish are a bit more active early and late in the day with the warmer temperatures.

The night time snook fishing has been consistent during the outgoing tide in Sebastian inlet. The snook fishing will continue to improve as the water temps rise. Large redfish will be feeding during outgoing tides along with the snook anywhere on the space coast this time of year. The snook fishing in Port Canaveral has been consistent on the right tides. Fishing in the port at night also leads to a lot of good sized mangrove snapper. Spring is a great time to get out and bend a rod on Florida’s East Central Coast. Call today to book your charter!



January 16, 2014

Winter fishing has arrived here on the space coast. Schools of Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and black drum can show up at almost any time looking for a quick meal. With the cooler temperatures the flounder will be moving through the inlets in good numbers, letting us target this tasty flatfish. I have been catching large Bull Redfish in Sebastian Inlet with Bucktail jigs and live bait on the outgoing tide . Trout fishing has been very consistent; I catch my largest trout of the year in the winter. Look for the fish to be mixed in with black drum and sheepshead along mangrove shorelines in the thousand island area. Tripletail have been scattered along the Port Canaveral Channel marker buoy line. Mild temperatures and sunny days make Florida winter a great time to fish, call today to book your charter!

November 22, 2013

November/December is a transition time for Florida fishing on the central Atlantic coast. With the changing season fish such as flounder, Spanish mackerel and black drum will start moving down the beaches from the north looking for an easy meal. With the unseasonably warm weather we have had during the last few weeks snook are still hanging around and feeding. Redfish will remain in the area moving around looking for bait on shallow flats, heading to deeper water during cold water snaps. Schools of jack crevalle, Spanish mackerel and bluefish can be found almost anywhere right now. As the weather cools down sea trout will become a main target species. Most trout will be caught with soft plastics and topwater plugs, which makes for exciting aggressive strikes. Great eating flounder will become another fish I like to target often during the colder months with them invading our inlets. Port Canaveral can be a great place to escape the windy fronts coming from the north this time of year and put a few flounder fillets in the cooler for a great meal. With more sunshine and milder temperatures its a great time to wet a line in Florida!

October 4, 2013

Fall mullet run!

As October begins the fall mullet run is now in full swing. Massive schools of mullet are moving south in the banana river with all sorts of predator fish following them. Schools of redfish and decent number of snook will be patrolling shallow grass flats and mangrove shorelines looking for an easy meal. The water should start to clean up this month allowing for a lot more sight fishing. This is also the time of year to start focusing on trout fishing in the banana river with the bigger fish becoming more active. Top water baits are the call during the mullet run, providing great success and excitement during the lower light hours of the day.

Now is also the time of year the big schools of bluefish, jacks and ladyfish start to show up to gorge themselves on these schools of mullet. Mullet schools can also be found migrating south on the beaches. Tarpon, Snook, sharks and a few kingfish can still be caught off the beaches. Tightly packed bait pods will be the key to finding the fish in October. Snook fishing is in full swing this time of year in the port. Most snook are being caught holding structure with some water movement. Flounder are also starting to follow the mullet into the port.

Fishing Sebastian inlet this time of year is another favorite of mine.  Virtually any saltwater inshore game fish can be caught drifting the inlet, snook being the most saught after. I have caught a tarpon, snook and redfish on three consecutive casts there in October in the past.  Most fish in the inlet are also big, with the snook consistently over the 32” slot limit, although slot fish are relatively easy to come by.

Mild weather mixed with a bait migration makes October a great month to get out and catch some fish. Call today to book your charter!



August 30, 2013

September 1st marks the start of snook season here on the central Atlantic coast. The snook fishing has been exceptionally good especially at night where 20 fish evenings are not uncommon. Tarpon, sharks, and kingfish can still be found corralling tightly packed pods of pogies along the beaches between Sebastian inlet and Port Canaveral. Schools of redfish with a few mixed in snook and trout have been found cruising grass flats early in the day and late in the evening in the banana river. Jacks, ladyfish, bluefish, flounder and mangrove snapper have all been common catches in the banana river.

The middle two weeks in August were as good as it gets tarpon fishing. One day we jumped at least 10 fish over 100 pounds with at least two of those fish pushing into the 200 pound class. One of the most exciting fishing experiences is watching a 150 pound tarpon hit a bait so hard its entire body clears the water, not knowing it if gulped the bait on the end of your line and you will soon be in battle with the silver king. Presentation was crucial as the bait was so thick, just getting a bait to the fish could present a challenge.

The real treat of august was the Atlantic red snapper sport season which ran a three day weekend. Bottom fishing out of a bay boat can be a bit tricky out of Port Canaveral but we lucked into a beautiful day and took full advantage. We reached our limit of one fish per person by 10:30 AM with the largest weighting 18 lbs even losing a few possibly larger fish. Hopefully this is a good sign the continued effort to restore the population to a harvestable level is well along its way.

September is a great time to fish the East Central area of Florida as the weather is nice and fishing is hot. Call now to book a charter!

Tarpon Pic


July 31, 2013

Summertime fishing is here!

Snook fishing has been the best bet in the Banana River and port Canaveral for the month of July. In between cold water upwellings tarpon, kingfish, and sharks have been the ticket for beach fishing. Scattered tripletail are still holding on the buoy line, but not in the numbers earlier in the year. The fishing in the No motor zone in the northern banana river lagoon has been exceptional. Schools of redfish anywhere from 15 inches to over 40 have been moving around in less than two feet of water on healthy grass flats. Mixed with the redfish are gator trout up to 30 inches, snook and a few tarpon. These fish are even willing to take a topwater plug when presented correctly.  The no motor zone kayak fishing is your best bet for an inshore slam this time of year.